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Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Using several accounting software and computer programs we offer a full range of general business services that will meet any client’s needs.

Some of the services we provide are payroll, HST remittances (monthly, quarterly, annually), bookkeeping, accounts receivable/accounts payable, install accounting software, training of staff, and technical support either on-site or over the phone.

Review Engagement

A Review Engagement provides a mid-level assurance that the financial information provided by the client is accurate. A Review Engagement consists of analytical procedures and discussion based upon information provided by the client

It is generally a request of an outside investor or a requirement by the client’s financial institution.

To provide this mid-level assurance a Review consists of general enquiries on how the organization operates. This would include how its revenues and expenses are generated, whether assets were acquired or disposed of, any changes in ownership or key personnel, any changes in financing agreements (new or existing).

Prevention or detection of fraud or errors may not occur in a Review Engagement as the internal controls of the organization are not evaluated or studied unlike an Audit.

Compilation Engagement

A Compilation Engagement compiles financial information provided by the client into financial statement format with no level of assurance that the information is accurate or complete.

Compilation Engagements are generally used for internal purposes by management but are accepted for income tax purposes. The objective is to ensure the information is not false or misleading.

Financial statements can be prepared periodically (monthly, quarterly, or annually).

On completion, financial statements, accompanied by a Notice to Reader, inform the reader the nature of the work completed in preparation of the financial statements.