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Tax Services

Corporate Taxes

Corporations have until 6 months after their year end to file their T2 Corporate Tax Return. We will work closely with the client to insure that all deadlines are met and help to comply with corporate tax regulations. This would include the benefits of tax deferrals, available tax credits, completing returns and schedules, and dealing with any federal and/or provincial authorities

We have considerable experience with income tax audits and will assist in negotiations with federal tax authorities.

Personal Taxes

Individuals have until April 30th of the following year to file their T1 Personal Tax Return while self employed individuals have until June 15th of the following year to file.

An effective tax strategy is to pay the proper amount of taxes for your income while being complaint with all available deductions/credits allowed by Canada Revenue Agency, in doing so this will help to minimize your tax liability. As Canada’s tax system is complex and ever changing we can assist by preparing and filing personal tax returns and the necessary schedules associated with them. We can deal with Canada Revenue Agency on appeals and objections and calculate any instalments that are necessary.

Trust & Estate Tax Returns

A Trust Return reports the distribution of income to beneficiaries and/or calculates the tax liability of the taxable income within a Trust. We can help prepare and file Trust Returns so that the proper tax amount is calculated.